Classic Vintage Watch | Longines Conquest & Grand Prize

Classic Vintage Watch | Longines Conquest & Grand Prize

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(Photographed above is Longines Conquest 9025-6 in pink gold)

Longines History | Excellence, personal pride and satisfaction

Longines is best known for creating the first flyback chronograph.

The 13ZN chronograph was produced in mid 1930s. This Longines flyback chronograph is considered one of the most fascinating calibers ever made.

A flyback chronograph allows the user to precisely reset the chronograph without using the stop pusher.

Longines is also known for stressing the importance of legacy. 

During the 1950s to late 1960s, Longines produced several variants of each available collection ranging from flashy solid gold cases with high polished dial details to muted steel cases with minimalistic dials.

Quality, affordable & intrinsically beautiful.

"The name Longines has been your assurance of excellence, personal pride and satisfaction." ~ Longines 1964 Sales Brochure


(Photographed below is Longines Conquest 9025-6 in pink gold) Photographed below is Longines Conquest 9025-6 in pink gold


In 1945, Longines produces its first automatic movement. One decade later, Longines begins capturing the market with their Conquest collection.

The collection was produced in a variety of metal types & dial types.

Pictured above & below, the 1960s pink gold Longines Conquest 9025-6 with date aperture at the 12 o'clock position represents the louder solid gold side of design.

A perfect example of a flashy solid gold watch done right perfect for your next formal occasion.

The Longines Conquest 9025 features a bi-finished rose gold dial with a brushed rose center & high polish triangular ring displays quality in every detail. 

The high-polish syringe hands designed use a needle-like point and wide plane base for an accurate read.

"Look for the true quality in the watch you buy and your choice will be Longines the world's most honored watch" ~Longines 1964 Sales Brochure

The Conquest shows refinement and elegance through out. The Conquest touches upon the same stroke of genius shown by the Patek Philippe Calatrava & Gondolo model lines but without the $6,000 - $15,000 price point.



(Photographed below Longines Conquest 9025-6 pink gold blue enamel medallion)



The Grand Prize embodies muted luxury. A perfect steel watch for any occasion.

The Grand Prize has an overall underwhelming appearance, but the quality of the dial, case & caliber are nothing to overlook.

In my personal opinion, this Grand Prize holds its own when compared to a fine Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin. 

The Grand Prize, however, a fraction of the price of a steel Vintage Patek Philippe Calatrava.

The Grand Prize features a highly regarded Longines automatic caliber 342.

This caliber is also used in the Admiral five star collection & Flagship collection.

The automatic Longines caliber 342 uses 17 jewels featuring a variation to the milling of the gear train bridge. The caliber was produced to hold a 44 hour power reserve.

"...the Longines master craftsmen again produced the finest watch to be demonstrated...the ultimate in the science of time...and with a fashionable elegance that helped set the lavish tone for the entire fair." ~Longines 1964 World's Fair Sales Brochure

(Photographed below Longines Grand Prize 1300)

Longines Grand Prize 1300


The vintage Longines Grand Prize 1300 is housed in a 35mm steel case case. Featuring syringe hands, sunburst silver dial and aged hour marker lume plots this watch embody the vintage esthetic many collectors crave.

The Grand Prize was produced in a large variety of dial types from complex textured to a simple sunburst finish.

The curved high polish lugs give a larger wrist presence which compliments 9mm thick case.

 When searching for your next classic vintage watch, be sure to consider Longines.


(Photographed below Longines Grand Prize 1300)

Photographed below Longines Grand Prize 1300



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