Modern Rarity | Rolex 41MM Day-Date 218235

Modern Rarity | Rolex 41MM Day-Date 218235

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The Rolex Day-Date 41MM Model 218235

Produced for only seven years, this solid gold Rolex remains a highly sought after dress model due to it's low production numbers, larger case, rare dial variations and "super" president bracelet. It's original retail price was $37,550.

The 36mm model was produced for 50 years making this larger case size a significant change in the iconic Day-Date model line.


Rolex Day-Date 218235 Wristshot

The 41MM case diameter : Day-Date or Datejust II

The only other 41MM Rolex is a Datejust II which is also an extremely desirable modern watch produced since 2009.

Still in production today, the 126XXX Datejust II's overwhelming desirability is due to the price point, size, metal variety, dial variety and bracelet variety.

The Datejust II is available in steel (Smooth steel bezel & 18k white gold fluted bezel), yellow gold and steel (Smooth 18k yellow bezel, fluted 18k yellow gold bezel), rose and steel (Smooth 18k rose gold bezel, fluted 18k rose gold bezel).


The Datejust II was produced in Oyster and Jubilee bracelets. Plain sunburst dials and factory diamond dials are available for steel and wo-tone models.

The Day-Date II is the only solid gold model produced in a 41MM case diameter.

Other solid gold models that come close in size are the 189XX Masterpiece at 39MM and the Yacht-master II slightly larger at 44MM. The closest in size would be a Submariner or Yacht-master I in 40MM.

 Let's take a closer look at the Rolex Day-Date 41MM.

(Rolex Day-Date 41MM Model 218235 photograph below)

Rolex Day-Date 41MM 218235 

Side by Side Comparison Rolex Day-Date 40MM vs 41MM

Rolex 40MM Day-Date 

  • Thinner Bezel
  • Thinner Hour Markers
  • Thinner Thinner Case
  • Extended Three Link Design on SEL
  • Minimal graduation in bracelet
  • Ceramic Bushings in Links

Rolex 41MM Day-Date

  • Thicker Bezel
  • Thicker Hour Markers
  • Thicker Case
  • Traditional Solid End Link Design
  • Thicker Bracelet
  • Graduated President Bracelet


"Super" president model 83215 photograph below

Rolex Day-Date Super Bracelet in Rose Gold


The 40MM Day-Date hour markers are thinner than the 41MM Day-Date hour markers no matter the metal or dial design. The 40MM Day-Date case is also thinner than the 41MM Day-Date case.

Through out the entire 40MM model, Rolex took steps toward ensuring the watch was thinner in design.

The first and most obvious difference between the two sizes is the fluted bezel. The 41MM fluted bezel is obviously thicker than the 40MM adding to the size and robust nature of the 41MM Day-Date.


Rolex Day Date 41MM in Rose Gold

The SEL (solid end link) on the 40MM design pushes the three link esthetic flush to the case vs the 41MM which shows a solid link through out the solid end link.

The 41MM "super" president is slightly thicker in size with a slight graduation in size down to the clasp. The 40MM bracelet has a far less of a large link (closest to the head) down to a smaller link (closest to the clasp) effect in the bracelet.

The 40MM has ceramic bushing between the pins of the links to combat future wear to the bracelet.

So, which deserves your wrist. Like many things in the world of watches it mostly comes down to personal preference. If I had to make a choice I would go with the 41mm due to the rarity and high demand. The 40mm is no where near as popular and has a much less "sporty" look.

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