Mechanical Discovery | The 1970 Hamilton Fontainebleau Chronomatic 11001-3

Mechanical Discovery | The 1970 Hamilton Fontainebleau Chronomatic 11001-3

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 A Breif History of the Hamilton Fontainebleau Chronomatic 11001-3

The 1970s produced a variety of clashing motifs in design; ranging from hippie earth tones to high-tech futuristic shapes, sizes, and colors.

The futuristic design elements reflect the fascination with the final frontier via saucer case shapes and extreme dial contrasts.

The oversized "UFO" case design is used by several brand name models like the Seiko 6138-0011 Chronograph, Heuer Montral Chronograph, Omega Chronostop Deville 146.012 and Hamilton Fontainebleau Chronomatic 11001-3.

Let's take a closer look...

  • Produced in the year 1970

  • Silver brush finished dial with black sub-registers

  • 46mm in diameter, 13mm thick, 41mm height

  • Powered by an automatic Caliber 11

  • White outer ring with Tachymeter scale

  • Original Hamilton steel buckle
  • Perfect dial and impeccable case

 Mechanical Discovery | The 1970 Hamilton Fontainebleau Chronomatic 11001-3 Spec Infographic

Vintage, Chronograph, Comfortable and Oversized

Measuring 46mm in diameter, the stainless steel case features a classic "UFO" saucer shape with integrated brush finished bezel and integrated case lugs. 

The Fontainbleau Chronograph utilizes an integrated lug allowing for a snug fit for the strap. This integrated lug brings the watch that much closer to the wrist adding to the comfort and wearability.

The iconic shape lays flat on the wrist due to the 13mm thickness allowing this oversized spacecraft to fit well on the wrist even at it's 46mm x 41mm size.



The caseback is high polish with a "Fontainebleau" engraved in a centered circle engraving.

The 1970 Hamilton Fontainebleau Chronograph carries the name of one of the grandest castles in all of France located 45 miles south of Paris, The Chateau de Fontainbleau.

A chateau is a grand country house used by the noble and built to royal standards. The Fontainbleau's original purpose was a functioning game preserve.

The Chateau sits at the edge the Forest of Fontainebleau. Oversized, superior, kingly, royal. A perfect association for this historic chronograph.


  Mechanical Discovery | The 1970 Hamilton Fontainebleau Chronomatic 11001-3 Space UFO Case 

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