New Rolex Releases in 2022 | Rolex Sky-Dweller Platinum 326936 Rolex Yacht-Master Yellow Gold 226658

New Rolex Releases in 2022 | Rolex Sky-Dweller Platinum 326936 Rolex Yacht-Master Yellow Gold 226658

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Rolex has recently released a video with a sneak preview of what's to come in 2022 for new models. This video can be seen on right as you enter their website. Let's break it down to see what might be coming to the catalog.

Here's the opening shot. "BE PREPARED TO MOVE SKYWARDS NEW WATCHES 2022".


As we can see in the backdrop, the ocean indicates one of the diver sport models first. As we move to the next scene we can spot a very familiar curvy high polish side case. To me this looks clear as day yellow gold. I also think it very obviously indicates a Yacht-master 40MM 12will it's very balanced yet exaggerated crown guards.

Rolex 2022 Watch Releases

It's been 30 years of Yacht-Master which doesn't feel like something that needs to be celebrated. Having said that, the blue & rhodium 116622 and 126622 have soared in popularity making them one of the coolest and best deals in sport model Rolex. I'd also like to note that I think the white gold Rolex Yacht-Master 42MM Oysterflex 226659 has failed to gain similar demand as the rose 116655 or 126655. This makes me think yellow gold would be far more desirable in a 42MM Yacht-master since they already have a 40MM in rose gold and have felt the lack of love with the white gold.

Rolex Yacht-Master 42MM Yellow Gold 2022 Release

(The image above was created via photoshop. Hope you enjoy!)

Our next clue is an image of what looks to be meteorite. I'll place some images of meteorite next to the frame to see if there's a connection or if Rolex is introducing a new material.

Rolex Sneak Peak 2022 Video

Rolex Dial Material New 2022 Sneak Peak Preview

Rolex New Dial Material Sneak Preview 2022

After rewatching this part several times, I struggle to really see any indication of what stone/crystal it may or may not be. I think with the clear over the top love for meteorite it would only make sense that Rolex is aware of the soaring demand and would produce a model with meteorite dial. I'm thinking a GMT since the theme is "SKYWARD".

Next up we see a fluted bezel and then several natural shots with blue as the main component. Lots of collectors have been talking about the Rolex Sky-Dweller needing something more than a bracelet update. I think a white gold Sky-Dweller fluted bezel on oyster bracelet or platinum Sky-Dweller smooth bezel is on the way. 

Rolex Sky-Dweller White Gold Oyster Fluted 2022 Release

A white gold Sky-Dweller on bracelet wouldn't look much different from the current model so I'm not bothering with a render.

Rolex Sky-Dweller Platinum 2022 release new

Rolex Sky-Dweller Platinum

(The images above was created via photoshop. Hope you enjoy!)

Factory 2022 Diamond Lapis Dial Rolex New Release

The shot above is clearly a bezel set diamond hour marker or fancy design for a dial. It seems like a cracked frosted look. Not really sure what this could be for as there are no further indications of a model, but knowing how Rolex does fancy, it's most likely a Cellini or ladies Pearlmaster/President.

Rolex Coke GMT 2022 Release

Last and probably least exciting seems to be a GMT. My guess is they bring the black and red bezel in ceramic. Not very exciting, not a life changing drop but classic Rolex to bring back an older iteration of a specific model. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my quick blog post about the upcoming 2022 Rolex model drop! 

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